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Journalists from the fields of business, blockchain, crypto and change management, science, society and environment write for “Token Info Port”. Most of them have years of experience and good expertise.

Thomas Grether

Journalist | Editor | Entrepreneur & Environmental Scientist.
Main focus: Tokenization | Digital Transformation Processes in Companies | Internet and Web Publishing | Environment

Alexander Naumann

Freelance Author | Master in Indology and Pre-Islamic Archaeology Areas of focus: Tokenization | NFTs | Cryptocurrencies | Blockchain Technology

Sabine Melichar

Editor | MBA University of Cologne / San Diego State University.
Main focus: Tokenization | Enterprise Digitization | Vocational Education | Society

Martin Berger

Crypto Specialist | Study of Economics.
Main focus: Tokenization | Security Tokens | Cryptocurrencies | Change Management

Bettina Blass

Business Journalist & Editor | Consumer Specialist.
Main focus: Economy | Consumer Protection | Internet

Dr. Heidelinde Gutowski

Journalist | Dr. Phil. (Sociology, German Studies)
Main focus: Consumer protection | Public relations | Society | Sustainability

Thomas Feldhaus

Economic Journalist | Study of Economics.
Main focus: Change processes | Digitalization | Corporate management | Sustainable development

Dr. Frank Frick

Science Journalist & Editor | Ph.D. Chemist
Main focus: Science | Environment | Chemistry | Energy

Bettina Rohmann

Journalist | Journalism | Theatre Studies M.A.
Main focus: Public relations in the market economy | digital transformation of companies | communication studies

Martin Berger

Krypto-Spezialist | Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Schwerpunkte: Tokenisierung | Security Tokens | Kryptowährungen | Change Management