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The main editorial office of “Token Info-Port” is located in Zurich, Switzerland. In a stimulating studio environment we produce our blogposts and keep the world informed about tokenization. Via news channels we are always up-to-date and online with new topics.

Editorial management

Thomas Grether is the editorial director. He worked for many years in journalism at major magazines and daily newspapers. Most recently, he researched consumer topics at the renowned consumer magazine “Beobachter“.

We question and enlighten

We try to shed light on the often incomprehensible world of tokenization, crypto banking and digital transformation. We present the topic in a way that everyone can understand and explain the background. In today’s world, information overload is taking over. Informative, critical journalism is needed. This is based on research and fact-checking.

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Martin Berger

Krypto-Spezialist | Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Schwerpunkte: Tokenisierung | Security Tokens | Kryptowährungen | Change Management