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What we want

Inform, educate, simplify

Tokenization, blockchain, ICOs or NFTs – it is a new and complicated digital world we are heading towards. Above all, there is digital transformation. Many people don’t understand the context of the new topic. We want to change that: “Token Info Port” clarifies, informs and simplifies.

Horses can be “tokenized” and sold “piecemeal” as an investment. Vintage cars as well. Wine is also being offered to investors “in sips”. NFT tokens are also revolutionizing the art world. And investors can participate in “ICOs” when founding companies.

Difficult to see through

Above all, there is the digital transformation of many areas of our lives, of companies and private individuals. The public is astonished, even clueless. Many do not understand the connections. Terms like “tokenization” – the successor model to shares – or “blockchain” may be heard for the first time. It gets really complicated when you read relevant articles on the subject. It is difficult to keep track of everything.

Good journalists enlighten

This is where our portal “Token Info Port” comes in – we steer our readers through the adverse crypto blockchain topic and guide them to the safe harbor. Savvy journalists on our portal research and report on digitalization. We try to shed light on this world and explain it in simple terms. We don’t hype everything that’s new. We try to remain sober. Informative, critical journalism is needed. Investments and investments offer opportunities. But the crypto world also has its risks and dangers.

Reaching the goal with research

Many high-risk transactions were not even accessible to consumers and private investors a few years ago. That has changed. Tokenized assets are made as an investment for everyone. Conventional investments such as savings accounts, government bonds or even stocks and funds only yield weak returns. Unrealistic promises of high returns and exploding Bitcoin prices are attracting a lot of interest. Information as consumer protection does not always work. However, with our “Token Info-Port” we want to encourage investors to make their investment decisions carefully with research and analysis.

1. Expertise and competence

We rely on expertise as an important quality feature. Journalists from the fields of business, blockchain, crypto and change management, science, society and the environment write for “Token Info Port”. Most of them have years of experience and have good expertise. Nevertheless, many need to familiarize themselves with the new topic of “tokenization” and “blockchain” and continue their education. Competence is an important concern for us.

2. Authority and quality

The quality of our content is also an important challenge. We want to be a thought leader within the information portals and deliver high quality written texts. Referrals from important sources are our goal. We continuously work on our authority, let experts have their say and rely on the fact that others also appreciate our content.

3. Trustworthiness

We want to publish credible and reliable content. This is the only way to secure the trust of our readers. Our reputation is to be maintained. The rating function and high-quality backlinks increase the trustworthiness. We ensure the security of the site through professional programming of the portal and SSL encryption. Data protection guidelines are part of the serious appearance.

Martin Berger

Krypto-Spezialist | Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Schwerpunkte: Tokenisierung | Security Tokens | Kryptowährungen | Change Management