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The list with the 10 best Play to Earn games

In Play to Earn, players can earn some extra money themselves. They do this by completing various tasks within the virtual world or interacting with it. We present our readers with an exclusive list of the biggest and best Play to Earn games.

“Play to Earn” is the name of the ongoing trend among blockchain games. The principle is tailor-made for the blockchain. It is true that in-game currencies and digital valuables are nothing new. However, blockchains offer innovative possibilities, give players more rights and more freedom. Among other things, to sell the goods acquired in the game and thereby earn something.

Free-to-play popular with smartphones

In terms of design, graphics and scope, they cannot yet hold a candle to the usual triple-A games. Most of them can be played on the smartphone. The proportion of “free-to-play” games is particularly high here. Free to Play means that you can download and install the game for free. You can’t earn any extra money yourself with most of them. Here in particular, there are still great opportunities for growth, and the list of play-to-earn games is likely to grow in the future.

Crypto-enthusiastic play-to-earn players

Almost everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone owns a PC or a gaming console. This is especially true in developing countries. According to a study, Asia-Pacific accounts for 56% of all gamers in the mobile market. Not surprisingly, Axie Infinity is especially popular in the Philippines. The Ethereum-based blockchain game can be played on popular Android and iOS devices. Its success has spawned imitators, but entirely different play-to-earn games are also vying for crypto-loving gamers.

We present our readers with the biggest and best Play to Earn games in the following list.

1. Axie Infinity – Breed monsters

Axie Infinity is currently the most popular blockchain game on the market. Players breed various monsters (called “Axies”) and pit them against each other in the arena or in adventures. Each Axie is a unique NFT with its own genetic code. The Axies can be interbred to breed even stronger creatures.

Axie Infinity is Play to Earn, but not completely Free to Play. Users need a few Ether to buy the first Axies. You can win two tokens while playing: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). The former is the governance token, the other you need to breed new Axies. The play-to-earn principle primarily applies to the newly bred Axies. The creatures can be offered for sale on the marketplace. The better the genetic code, the stronger the traits, the more valuable the monster. We have created a guide for Axie.

2. The Sandbox – create your own worlds

The Sandbox is an open-world game based on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be most closely compared to Minecraft or Roblox. Players create their own worlds, arrange adventures in the social hub and create their own games. These can then be monetized. LAND is an important resource in The Sandbox. Each piece of LAND is an NFT and represents land ownership in the virtual world.

The in-game currency SAND is also important. It can be earned by completing tasks or playing games within The Sandbox (see instruction). In some cases it is necessary to pay with SAND first. You will also need the token if you want to create and monetize your own games. The SAND earnings can then be converted into Ether (ETH).

3. Gods Unchained – the card game

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game. Players build decks of cards and compete with them against other players. Cards can also be traded or won from other players. A ranked system ensures that players with comparable skills compete against each other.

Valuable cards are NFTs, unique non-fungible tokens. In the marketplace, users can trade the cards using the game’s own cryptocurrency, GODS. GODS can also be earned in tournaments. Afterwards, users can sell the token on exchanges or use it to get better cards.

4. CryptoBlades – your character as NFT

CryptoBlades is the name of the blockchain RPG on the Binance Smart Chain. Players create a character in typical fantasy costume, which is then immortalized as an NFT on the smart chain. The blockchain game is not free to play, newcomers have to convert Binance Coin (BNB) into SKILL Token for the character.

The characters compete against each other in battles. In the process, players earn more SKILL. This, in turn, can be used to unlock new traits, forge and improve weapons. The SKILL token is also the means of payment for the marketplace. Characters and items can also be sold for SKILL. Players can in turn convert these into BSB and then exchange them for fiat money.

5. Splinterlands – the NFT card game

Card games are popular among blockchain gamers and are therefore more often found in the list of best play-to-earn games. This is also demonstrated by Splinterlands, another NFT card game. Not only the cards, but also items, skins and virtual land are NFTs. Players can win the in-game currency “Dark Energy Crystals” (DEC) by completing challenges or competing against other players. Cards can be “burned” to obtain more DEC. Players can then exchange these for items.

Splinterlands is not free-to-play either. Beginners will have to buy around $10 for a starter pack to get their first cards. Players earn “Splintershards” (SPS), the blockchain’s own governance token, during battles. This can be staked and allows you to participate in votes.

6. Alien World – colonize planets

Alien World started on the WAX blockchain. It now also runs on Ethereum and the Binance smart chain. The project describes itself as a decentralized metaverse on the base. It centers around different planets that players can colonize. The planets can join together to form federations and explore the universe together. Fighting against other factions is also an option.

The planets are where players mine new NFTs and their own cryptocurrency “Trilium” (TLM). So, new tokens are created. Among other things, these can be used for the “Planetary DAO” to participate in voting. Furthermore, they are used to take control of other planets. TLM can be converted into WAX and then sold.

7. SolChicks – chicks in knight costumes

SolChicks is also one of the most popular Play to Earn games. It is built on the Solana blockchain. In the fantasy game, the main characters are all little chicks dressed as knights and mages. Each chick is a unique NFT with its own design, attributes and properties. Furthermore, the chicks can be bred, which in turn requires “Shards of Love” (SLC). These tokens and other NFTs are obtained by completing in-game tasks. Furthermore, players receive the CHICKS, the governance token.

Overall, the entire concept is strongly reminiscent of the forerunner, Axie Infinity. However, this project is still in development. In the end, a Metaverse of its own is to be created. Until then, the game offers a PvE and PvP mode.

8. Thetan Arena – fighting against each other

Thetan Arena is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena): a genre that even today captivates millions of players. Thetan Arena is in the same vein, offering an arena in which multiple players compete against each other to take over the enemy base. Player characters, items, and equipment are NFTs.

Unlike many of the other games featured in the list, Thetan Arena is completely free-to-play. By participating in matches and tournaments, players can earn the Thetan Coin (THC). This can be used to purchase additional NFTs. Or players sell them on the marketplace.

9. MetaWars – exploring the universe

MetaWars combines multiplayer strategy with role-playing elements. Players explore the vastness of the universe and fight with other factions in space battles. In the process, an ecosystem of its own is created within the virtual world. The focus is on exploring and colonizing space, cooperating with each other and fighting with enemy factions.

The players receive collectible NFTs and their own cryptocurrency WARS. This can be staked. WARS serve both as governance tokens and as currency for the own marketplace. Furthermore, players can insure their own ships with the token. The NFTs earned can be sold on the marketplace.

10. Zed Run – own a racehorse

If you’ve always wanted to own a racehorse, Zed Run allows you to do so, at least in digital form. Each horse is an NFT, a unique digital creature. The game focuses on racing, breeding the fastest horses, and the marketplace.

At the very least, a player must own a racehorse to participate in the races. The horses can be purchased on OpenSea for Ethereum. Over time, an entire racing stable can grow. Furthermore, owners can breed the horses with each other or auction valuable animals on the marketplace.

Our conclusionCompared

to the mainstream gaming market, the NFT Games sector still has some catching up to do. Many games in the play-to-earn list do not stand out much from the mass of mobile games at first glance. However, Axie Infinity has shown that NFTs definitely have their place in the gaming sector. One needn't be surprised about very comparable collecting and breeding games then. It is definitely a market that still has to grow and mature.

Martin Berger

Crypto Specialist | Study of Economics.
Main focus: Tokenization | Security Tokens | Cryptocurrencies | Change Management

Martin Berger

Krypto-Spezialist | Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Schwerpunkte: Tokenisierung | Security Tokens | Kryptowährungen | Change Management