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Tokenization as a new asset

Tokenization refers to the fragmentation or division of an asset. Investors in England or America can purchase shares in real estate, classic cars or wine. Tokenization makes it possible to digitally represent assets and trade in them. The respective individual pieces are called tokens and have a clearly defined value. Blockchain technology serves as the basis for this process. The holders of tokens own shares in the respective asset. The value of the token changes in parallel with that of the acquired item.

VeVe and ECOMI – digital marketplace for NFTs

VeVe is a marketplace for unique digital collectibles. Or in short: NFTs. What sets this marketplace apart from others are the many partnerships with well-known brands. The company's own token ECOMI (OMI) plays a rather...

Token investors beware: Risk debenture

What many investors don't realize about tokenization is that when they invest in tokens, they're not really buying real estate, works of art, or cars. They merely own shares in a so-called "tokenized debt security."...

Martin Berger

Krypto-Spezialist | Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
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