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Blockchain? – How you can buy luxury cars and protect the climate as a retail investor

Are you a retail investor in England or America? Then you can recently add parts of luxury cars, real estate or expensive art to your portfolio. The blockchain makes it possible to acquire so-called “non-bankable assets” via tokenization. Not only cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but a wide variety of digital transactions can be mapped and transferred automatically and tamper-proof. Newly, even blockchain projects for climate protection are possible. The concept behind the cryptography-based technology is not easy to understand. That’s why we’ll explain it for you.

The blockchain and how it works – simply explained

Some see blockchain as a key technology of the future: it should also make financial processes in Switzerland more efficient and secure. Others find the new crypto technology overrated. One thing is certain: The...

VeChain – a portrait of the supply chain blockchain

VeChain is a blockchain project focused on logistics and supply chains. Thanks to blockchain technology, it aims to create a tamper-proof and transparent database that accompanies the product in real time from...

How can I save gas fees on Ethereum Blockchain?

Anyone who trades cryptocurrencies or NFTs pays so-called "gas fees". Sometimes the fees are high, sometimes low. But what is the reason for that? How can I save gas as a trader? We explain the background.

Smart Contract in the Blockchain – what is it exactly?

Smart contracts are the great innovation of blockchain technology. Put simply, they are computer protocols that fulfill the function of contracts. And these "smart contracts" have great potential for the future. We...

Hack of the General Assembly? Blockchain helps!

In Switzerland, legally legitimized digital general meetings have recently become possible. This offers companies advantages. But there is a risk of hacker attacks. Blockchain makes virtual AGMs secure - thanks to...

Blockchain secures credentials, diplomas and certificates

Diplomas, certificates, PCR test results and the land register have one thing in common: they must be forgery-proof. New technologies such as blockchain help to secure such documents. More and more universities are...

Crypto Valley: the next conference is coming up

More than 800 blockchain companies are located in Switzerland and Liechtenstein's Crypto Valley. Most of the companies are located in the canton of Zug. The founding of the Valley was not long ago. Now, the next Krypto...

Martin Berger

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