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Legal and regulatory framework for blockchain transactions in the capital market

Laws and regulations on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and digital transformation are constantly changing. There is still a lack of handy laws worldwide that create clear rules and protect against abuse and fraud and prevent legal disputes. Switzerland is leading the way in terms of legislation. There, the “Lex DLT” secures token transactions. The European Commission also recognizes the importance of legal certainty in areas involving blockchain-based applications. It is striving for EU-wide regulation of blockchain to avoid legal and regulatory fragmentation.

Attention Tax Trap: Expensive Staking and Lending!

A tax bomb is about to burst in the crypto market: Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency on the market, will soon switch from so-called "mining" to "staking". This means that new German tax laws will take...

Switzerland – DLT law regulates blockchain transactions

Innovative blockchain startups are emerging in Switzerland. The market around distributed ledger technology (DLT) is developing dynamically. The Lex DLT secures token businesses. How does the Swiss blockchain law affect...

Martin Berger

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