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Investing in art tokens: the blockchain provides secure trading and greater transparency

Art has long been one of the most dynamic markets – for many, both a personal passion and a lucrative field of investment. But access to excellent works of art is often difficult due to high prices. And it is not always easy to get an overview of what is on offer. Is the origin of a painting really true? Protecting yourself from forgeries and fraud is difficult. We’ll show you: Thanks to blockchain technology, new web platforms are solving these problems and driving a quiet revolution. It’s becoming easier for art collectors in America, England, and around the world to buy shares in fine, high-value artworks and trade them on increasingly liquid markets. And artists can place and sell art NFTs themselves. All of this is contributing to greater transparency in the art market.

Investment in art tokens: return with high risk?

The investment horizon for tokenized artworks is between eight and ten years. Since this form of investment is new, the performance can only be estimated. According to providers of art tokens, it is around 5 percent per...

Crypto art: don’t digital artists need galleries?

Movies, image files, music or even tweets: Digital art is also available tokenized as NFT in America or England. Their collectors are mostly anonymous, young and tech-savvy. Mostly, it's about money multiplication, less...

Art market: tokenization improves trust and transparency

Why should I invest in art? This question is probably asked by many small investors in America, England and worldwide. Art is still rather rare in the investment portfolio. Tokenization with art NFTs could provide a...

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