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Tokenized classic cars and sports cars: returns and risks of the new investment form

Car tokens are new territory for many investors. Tokenization makes it possible for investors to purchase only parts of an expensive vehicle. Whether it’s a Ferrari, Mercedes or Bugatti, if you buy 10 percent of the shares in a tokenized car, you are entitled to 10 percent of the future profits. However, the return on the investment does not only depend on the increase in value of the vehicle. Maintenance costs also affect the price. When selling classic car security tokens through the secondary market, as an investor you should be aware: losses are possible. It is not guaranteed that they will get the price they envision.

Are the tokens for the Ferrari 328 GTS worth it?

Tokenization is moving forward. Now Finexity has made another "Classic Car" available to investors in the form of the Ferrari 328 GTS (1989). Is the investment in the tokenized sports car worth it?

Car tokens: How your investment works

Classic car tokens are a new topic for many in America, England and around the world. How should one imagine an investment in tokenized cars in concrete terms? What are the potential returns? What are the risks? We...

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