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Tokenization of diamonds: Opportunities and risks of investing in precious stones

A new asset class makes it possible also in America or England: the investment in diamond tokens. Tokenized via the blockchain, private investors can now also acquire shares in the expensive stones. Sales platforms on the Internet forecast rising prices and thus profits. But promises are nothing new in the diamond business. Large profits beckon. But the danger of sudden losses always plays along. The diamond market remains extremely risky for investors. With us you learn what you should know as an investor in America or England about the diamond market, the risks and blood diamonds.

Blood diamonds – the blockchain can stop the trade

Blood diamonds that finance wars. Inhumane working conditions in mines. The diamond industry has more than one problem. But consumers want clean stones. Tokenization and blockchain can stop the trade in blood diamonds...

Diamond tokens: how to value your investment

Being able to evaluate and trade diamonds requires professional expertise. All the more reason why private investors in America, England and worldwide should inform themselves about diamond tokens before investing. We...

Tokenized Diamonds: Brilliant investment idea or risk?

Blockchain tokenized diamonds are now available to retail investors with smaller budgets. With us, you will learn what you should know about the diamond market, the risks and blood diamonds as an investor in America...

Martin Berger

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