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Tokenization of nature: How animals, plants and trees are tokenized

The ongoing tokenization and digitization of many areas of life does not stop with nature. Companies have discovered animals as ditigal investment objects. Take the racehorse, for example. As an “illiquid tangible asset,” horses are to be tokenized. A big business for farmers, breeders and owners. But horses are also considered living creatures in America, England and the rest of the world: What about ethics and investment risks? Trees also want to be offered as assets to investors and tokenized via the blockchain. There, the big claim is to save the world: tokenized trees or plants are digitally better protected as an investment. Many trees with many owners are a whole forest that is not cut down: This could also help the climate. After all, trees bind the greenhouse gas CO2.

Horse tokens: Young should increase the attractiveness

IRON wants to modernize the thoroughbred racing industry: With the help of blockchain. The digital infrastructure is intended to enable younger gallop sport fans in particular to participate in racehorses. We spoke with...

Single.Earth: Protect nature and climate with tokens

The start-up Single.Earth wants to reward those who bind carbon with forests and wetlands with its Merit Token. An ecologically sensible project. But Single.Earth doesn't say when it's going to get off the ground ...

Invest sustainably in trees with tokens

The Polish start-up "Smart Forest" wants to use blockchain technology and tokenize trees. Investors can invest sums as low as 40 euros in tree plantations. What is supposed to be financially rewarding could also help...

Tokenized racehorses: passion for return and risk

Galloping is passion. But not only: tokenized racehorses can also be a profitable investment. How does the tokenization of horses work? What are the potential returns? What are the risks? And is it even possible to buy...

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