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Investing in tokenized wine: An investor’s delight when the value goes up and there are profits

Digitally map and tokenize wine: collectors and people who like to drink wine can buy “a piece of wine” thanks to tokenization. Just like you buy a piece of a company with a share. Or, to put it another way, you invest in a sip of wine. Today, fine wine is also an investment object for people with smaller budgets in America, England and many other countries. Those who buy a wine token profit when the wine increases in value. Investors can sell the asset token again. The whole process is made possible by the blockchain, which regulates the origin and ownership. But be careful: the wine investment should be seen as a long-term financial investment. There is a risk of losses if the value drops. Invest a maximum of three percent of your net assets in exquisite wines.

Exposing wine counterfeits with NFC chip and blockchain

Branded clothing and wine have one thing in common: they like to be copied. With shirts and pants, you can often quickly see that it's a fake. This is more difficult with wine and even more so with tokenized wine offers...

Buying wine tokens: how do I check the risks?

You can't just drink wine or store it in the cellar. Now small investors in America, England and worldwide can also buy wine tokens: Tokenization makes this possible. Is this valuable investment suitable for you as an...

Martin Berger

Krypto-Spezialist | Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
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