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Banks on their way to becoming financial platforms with innovative FinTech services

Banks are literally working in transformation mode: to meet the demands of digitization, FinTech companies are working almost non-stop on automation, data transfer and changing customer behavior. What exactly customers and consumers want is not yet clear. Organic and strategic transformations are needed. Banking culture has long focused on asset management, lending – less on customer service and communication. Gradually, however, banks in America, England and around the world are now becoming platform providers that deliver more than just financial services. The modularization of formerly closed systems and standardized APIs are changing the banking world. Fintech companies are shaping the financial services market.

Token provider in check: Sygnum Bank

Sygnum calls itself the "world's first digital asset bank." The Zurich-based crypto startup specializes in digital asset management. Customers can store and trade their bitcoin, ether and other tokenized assets on the...

Where in Europe can I pay with cryptos like the Bitcoin?

Customers can pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum in more and more places in Europe. Bitcoin credit cards are interesting for consumers as a means of payment. However, consumer protectionists warn of hacker attacks and the...

FinTechs and Neobanks: The Banking of Tomorrow

Digitization and blockchain are bringing new players into the game almost daily. With technology-based financial innovations, FinTechs and neobanks are turning the financial sector upside down in America, England and...

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