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The world’s first list of the craziest and most expensive NFTs

This is the world’s first list of the craziest and most expensive NFTs. Exclusively created by us. 22 NFTs that pack a punch. Ever heard of digital toilet paper? Cost: $4,100. Non-fungible tokens like these are all the rage right now.

We have compiled the world’s first list of the most bizarre, crazy and expensive “Non Fungible Tokens” (NFTs) – exclusively for our readers. The list includes 22 NFTs that have it all. Have fun reading!

1. Flying War Babies

Sold for: 5.8 million US dollars

Canadian musician “Grimes” is also known as an artist and ex-girlfriend of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Her collection “WarNymph” catches the eye: babies with wings, armed with swords. The war babies guard Mars and are surrounded by an apocalyptic backdrop. The 10 digital artworks sold as NFTs within 20 minutes for $5.8 million. The images are crazy, whimsical and strange – they absolutely belong on our NFT list. We recently created a guide to NFT art for anyone who wants to try it for themselves. Read more

2. Digital toilet paper with flowers

Sold For: 4,100 US dollars

Digital toilet paper definitely belongs in our list of the most bizarre NFTs. US toilet paper manufacturer Charmin introduced the first digital loo rolls in March 2021. The digital toilet paper is individually designed with colored flowers and grasses. As an NFT, it is merely a picture, but it costs a whopping 4’100 US dollars. Charmin reportedly keeps only 0.01% of the proceeds for itself. The rest goes to the humanitarian organization “Direct Relief”. Read more

3. The world’s first digital perfume

Sold for: US$18,000

No, you can’t smell this perfume. Berlin-based Look Labs is offering its “Cyber Eau des Parfum” in digital form only – as the world’s first digital fragrance. The inventive developers have used near-infrared spectroscopy to scan the packaging, the bottle and the fragrance of the perfume. This created a digital image of the fragrance. The molecular wavelengths of “Cyber Eau de Parfum” sold as an NFT for $18,000. More info

4. The digital NFT stick for the dog

Sold for: $1,200

Now dogs also have their own NFT: “Twig” is a digital stick. Dog owners can’t throw it, but it is sent to him by e-mail as an image file – secured in the blockchain. According to the provider, the “non-rotting NFT branch” is also available in physical form. It came from a sidewalk in West Village, New York, where “picturesque trees” line the streets and “foul odors of overflowing garbage” hang in the air. That’s what makes the area so irresistible to dogs. Purchase price of the NFT stick for the dog: $1200. Read more

5. Emily Ratajkowski buys herself back

Sold for: $175,000

Artist Richard Prince apparently couldn’t help himself: he stole an Instagram photo of model Emily Ratajkowski in a sexy bikini. And integrated the photo into one of his paintings. The model was annoyed by this and bought it from the artist in 2014 for 81,000 US dollars. According to the model, “a symbolic act” with which she bought back the right of determination over her own photo. Now, seven years later, Ratajkowski auctioned the photo at auction house Christie’s as NFT. The digital one-of-a-kind “Buying Myself Back” fetched her 175,000 dollars.

6. Fart symphony on the blockchain

Sold for: 85 US dollars

Let’s face it, would you buy a fart? If the fart is digital art, at least you can’t smell it. Brooklyn-based film director Alex Ramírez-Mallis is making money off farts. The 36-year-old has been recording the sounds of his flatulence and that of his friends since March 2020. A year later, he compiled the flatulence sounds into a 52-minute symphony. Ramírez offers the NFT farts for sale as non-fungible tokens and as a fart calendar (“Master Collection”) on the OpenSea marketplace. Individual farts are available starting at $85. If these aren’t incredible and crazy NFTs that belong in our collection! Read more

7. CO2 negative NFT Soundbites

Sold for: 3,400 US dollars

Musician “Imogen Heap” has created a collection of six audiovisual NFTs: short, improvised audio clips. These “riffs” are accompanied by swirling, kaleidoscopic images. The twist: the NFTs are carbon negative. Available through digital art marketplace OpenSea for $3400. The musician created the NFT soundbites during collaborative live jam sessions with users of the music app “Endlesss.” Read more

8. Little Chloe’s critical eye

Sold For: 73,953 US dollars

In the car, mom, Katie Clem of Utah, USA, announces to her daughter, “Chloe, we’re going to Disneyland!” And what does little Chloe do? She looks critically and worriedly at the camera instead of cheering. The film went viral in 2013 and received over 18 million clicks in a short time. “Side-eyeing Chloe,” as one snapshot from the film is called, went around the world as a meme. In September 2021, the mother finally auctioned the meme as NFT to the music label 3F Music – for 73,953 US dollars. She wants to use it to pay for Chloe’s good school education. More info

9. The WWW now belongs to one person

Sold for: 5.4 million US dollars

In June 2021, Sotheby’s auctioned off the Internet source code for the first web browser as NFT. The code was Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s original files from 1989. Berners-Lee is considered the inventor of the World-Wide-Web. The buyer, who is not publicly known, received a blockchain certificate issued by Berners-Lee confirming ownership of the source code with a timestamp file. This NFT definitely belongs in our list. The buyer did receive the Internet code – but fortunately not dominion over the Internet. More info

10. The first Twitter tweet from 2006

Sold for: 2.9 million US dollars

Remember the first Twitter tweet in 2006? Twitter creator and CEO Jack Dorsey had taken it down. And now that same Dorsey sold his tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million. Dorsey wrote in the tweet at the time, “Just setting up my twttr.” The buyer of the tweet is Sina Estavi, the CEO of Malaysian blockchain company Bridge Oracle. Jack Dorsey signed the NFT with his signature and that completed the minting for what was arguably the most expensive NFT tweet. Read more

11. Not meant for smoking pot: NFT cannabis plants

Sold for: $1

Digitally grown and not meant for smoking pot: NFT hemp plants, glowing in color like you’re on an LSD trip. Each of the 3D hashplants is stored on the blockchain as unique and non-exchangeable. Logged onto a platform, would-be farmers can sow, grow and collect the hemp plants. “Mother tokens” can be used to increase yields. If it thrives, owners can sell the NFT hemp. The whimsical NFT trade runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

12. One color – just for me

Sold for: 100 US dollars

There are arguably thousands of colors and hues. Now you can buy colors as NFT secured on the blockchain. This makes you the owner or owner of an exclusive color – and no one in the world can steal it from you. The website offers more than a thousand NFT colors. Among them are exotic colors like “Vampire Black” or “Youtube red”. The colors can be bought and resold in the auction house – and thus traded for profit. More info

13. The torched Banksy art

Sold for: 380’000 US Dollars

On Youtube, anyone can watch: A young man uses a fire starter to set fire to the original print “Morons” by street artist Banksy. The flames subsequently destroy the entire work of art. The bizarre art burning is broadcast via live stream on YouTube. Behind the act is a crypto-art enthusiastic group called “Burnt Banksy”. It had legally purchased the print from a New York gallery before the media inferno – for $95,000. The sale of the charred Banksy remains in NFT version later brought in $380,000

14. Marrying on the Blockchain – with NFT rings

Sold for: much love

Peter and Rebecca from St. Francisco also made it onto our list of craziest and most bizarre NFTs. The two got married on April 2, 2021, not in church, but on the Blockchain. “We wanted to reaffirm our vows in a more personal way,” the lovers announced. Since they both work at Coinbase, they wanted to use the specially created token “Tabaat” (Jewish for “ring”) and an Ethereum smart contract to seal the wedding. At the ceremony, they exchanged their NFT wedding rings by sending Tabaat tokens to each other through the wallet. Incredible NFT world: In the wallet (digital wallet) of the lovers, the rings now appear as currency alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum – permanently and immutably stored in the blockchain. Read more

15. Tennis player auctions off her own arm

Sold for: 5’000 US Dollars

Croatian tennis player Oleksandra Oliynykova, 20, is digitizing her own body to raise sponsorship money. She auctioned off a piece of her right forearm. The surface measures approximately 15 cm x 8 cm. The highlight: when you hit it, the spot is always clearly visible. For this exclusive advertising space, she minted an NFT token and auctioned it off for $5,000. The owner of the part of her arm can now determine which tattoo Oliynykova should have engraved on the spot. Read more

16. The horror sandwich from the noble festival

Sold for: 80’000 US Dollars

Thousands of visitors came to the “Fyre Festival” in the Bahamas in 2017. The organizers had done massive viral marketing via social media: There was to be an upscale festival with stars and starlets and prosecco (tokenized wine already exists by now, after all). Luxurious accommodations and fine food were promised. But the organizers were completely overwhelmed. Netflix even filmed a documentary about the failed festival. Trevor DeHaas, a disappointed visitor, got angry about the food. And posted a picture on Twitter of a horror sandwich with few side dishes. In April 2021, he now auctioned off the then sandwich tweet as NFT for around 80,000 US dollars. And used it to pay for his kidney transplant.

17. A number that is mine alone

Sold for: 4’500 US Dollars

The list of crazy NFTs includes the “N Project.” This is about number combinations that you can personally secure. You can buy a random set of numbers. The total of 8888 NFTs consist of 8 random numbers from 0 to 14. One number costs around 4500 US dollars. For this sum, you can secure your personal lucky number immutably on the blockchain. Incredibly, in September 2021, the market capitalization of the “N Project” stood at 40 million US dollars. Read more

18. Text about NFTs sells itself as NFT

Sold for: 1’814 US Dollars

It goes quite funny: In March 2021, Samanth Subramanian and David Yanofsky published an article on “Quart”” about NFTs. They covered the mechanics of NFTs, the artist platform OpenSea, and how to sell NFTs. At the end of the text they announced that this article about NFTs can be bought as NFT. The simple gag succeeded: Quartz magazine took in 1,814 US dollars. The money was donated to the International Women’s Media Foundation. Read more

19. Devilish grin, even though the hut is on fire

Sold for: 500’000 US Dollars

This 2005 image shows 4-year-old Zoë Roth of New York, grinning mischievously at the camera. In the background: a house ablaze. “Devilish” was even her look, wrote the “New York Times.” The “Disaster Girl” was born – the meme went around the world. Now, 16 years later in April 2021, Zoë Roth, now an adult, sold the original copy of the image as an NFT for an incredible 500,000 dollars. Probably one of the most expensive simple NFTs. She plans to use the proceeds to pay off her student loans and donate the rest to charity. Read more

20. Most expensive dunk in basketball ever

Sold For: 208’000 US Dollars

The basketball NBA has been on board with Non Fungible Tokens and Fan Tokens since the beginning. Even shoe tokens are now available. The so-called “NBA Top Shots” immortalize sports highlights of basketball in the form of NFTs. The most expensive highlight to date is LeBron James’ “Cosmic” dunk. The digitized NFT slam costs an incredible 208,000 US dollars. This gives the owner a piece of sports history in token form.

21. A horror price for breeding monsters

Sold for: 1.5 million US dollars

When you buy a piece of land, you want to build a house on it. It doesn’t just work that way in real life – in digital games, too. NFT games on the blockchain have been around for a while. In the blockchain game “Axie Infinity”, the user “Flying Falcon” has now taken the cake: He bought a digital property as NFT for 1.5 million US dollars. A horror price and probably one of the most expensive NFTs in games. And what does he get out of his NFT? He needs the property to breed monsters in the game! More info

22. She criticized NFTs – and conceded own goal

Sold for: 5’000 US Dollars

Twitter user Lauren Walker made fun of NFTs in a tweet. She said you could easily “steal” the tokens by saving them like an ordinary image file. A right-click would be all it would take. Only she didn’t count on the Internet’s sense of humor. Other Twitter users made fun of wrapping their tweet in a token and offering it as an NFT. They raised $5,000 from the sale. Read more

What are "Non Fungible Tokens" (NFTs)?

NFTs are non-exchangeable digital property rights. Anyone who buys an NFT, for example a photo or a movie, gets the sole right to it, secured on the blockchain. In recent weeks, NFTs have become a playground for companies, artists and celebrities. Some buyers pay millions for the digital collectibles, as our list shows.

Thomas Grether

Journalist | Editor | Entrepreneur & Environmental Scientist.
Main focus: Tokenization | Digital Transformation Processes in Companies | Internet and Web Publishing | Environment

Thomas Grether

Journalist | Redakteur | Unternehmer & Umweltwissenschaftler
Schwerpunkte: Tokenisierung | Digitale Transformationsprozesse in Firmen | Internet und Webpublishing | Umwelt